About Us


The Team

Over the years, the founders have successfully surrounded themselves with a versatile, talented and passionate team of visual effects artists, mechanical effects technicians, manufacturers, designers, etc.

LeclercDumont is focused on training the industry’s next generation of talent.

The Founders

LeclercDumont is a family-owned business, established in 2000 and founded by Mario Dumont and Marie-France Leclerc.

Mario Dumont has more than 30 years of experience in the film industry as a creator and maker of mechanical special effects, props and special sets in the film industry.  His passion for the craftsmanship and conviction to be able to offer increasingly innovative and quality services                                                                     motivated his decision to become a creative leader in this niche.

Marie-France Leclerc has solidified this ambitious project by adding her outstanding abilities in project management and administration. Since then, it is with interest that she scans the movie, cultural and events spheres to ensure the local and international outreach and sustainability of the business.

Together they have built a solid reputation as down-to-earth partners who take great care in providing their services by nurturing authentic relationships, respecting their client's budget and offering quality products and services.  The great customer loyalty they enjoy reflects their success in meeting expectations.

The Future

LeclercDumont responds and adapts to the requirements and innovations of the industry to further strengthen its leadership position.

In addition to the manufacturing of props and creation of special effects and specific set dressings, LeclercDumont offers services in visual effects (VFX) and is currently developing a bank of elements (plates).

The company applies this wealth of knowledge and expertise to many areas such as sets (feature movies, television, Web series, etc.), events, advertising, co-production, indoors or outdoors musical performances (rock concert, festival, show, etc.), live theatre, and more.

Our values

Quality of services and products

Customer satisfaction



Versatility of our services