CITC products

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  • Snow machines

    Snow machines

    Little Blizzard® XT/SP, Quiet Cube // These snow machines produce bigger and better snow, and are quieter than any other snow machine on the market today.

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  • SnoBiz


    Biodegradable artificial SnoBiz® // SnoBiz® snowflakes are 100% safe and come in 3 varieties: Closeup, Regular, and Fine. Snow melts and dissolves in water. Can be washed away. Each compressed box expands into 10 cubic foot (0.28 m3).

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  • Fog and Haze machines

    Fog and Haze machines

    AquamaxMP, Polar Controller™, FogMax™ and HazeMax™ // A variety of machines valued worldwide for their efficiency, quality and affordability, often less expensive than any other machine on the market.

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  • Snow fluids

    Snow fluids

    Little Blizzard®: the largest selection of snow fluids in the world, SUITABLE FOR ALL SNOW MACHINES, and guaranteed not to clog your machine: Basic fluid, Extra Dry, Dry, Dry 100, Super Extra Dry, Ultraviolet and LB-32o .

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  • Wind machines

    Wind machines

    Director Fan™, Hurricane II™ // Efficient fans that create powerful wind effects especially when combined with Little Blizzard®, HazeMaxTM and FogMaxTM machines or Snobiz® products.

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  • Confetti machines and Launchers

    Confetti machines and Launchers

    Super ShotMaxTM, ShotMaxTM and GlowMaxTM // A set of quality machines capable of launching confetti, artificial snow, streamers, fog, haze, nerf balls or anything soft.

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  • Other products

    Other products

    Fog in a can and party supplies such as confetti, streamers, flameproof & biodegradable tissue papers, fun hand-held launchers, etc.

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  • Haze and Fog fluids

    Haze and Fog fluids

    Higher quality chemicals than food grade and tested to be hypo allergenic: fog, low ground fog, oil-based long lasting haze and water-based haze.

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  • Foam and Bubble fluids

    Foam and Bubble fluids

    Popular quality products, harmless, eco-friendly and recognized for leaving hardly any residue: foam fluid concentrate extra dry, for outdoor, ready to use and for cannon; fluid for thinner or thicker iridescent bubbles or dry and 10 x more bubbles.

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